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Captain Nat Atkinson, Jr.

Fish Productive Wachapreague Waters with a Native Skipper

Captain Atkinson was born and raised in the Wachapreague area and knows the surrounding waters intimately.  He began his charter fishing career in 1978 and represents the third generation of Atkinsons that have made their living behind the helm of a sport fishing boat.  Foxy Lady Charters is a family-run enterprise that is family-oriented.  Our charters are suited for both the "hard-core" fisherman and for family and social outings as well. 








The captain is dedicated to client satisfaction without sacrificing safety or good common sense. 


The Foxy Lady is an Eastern Shore Charter craft built for speed, safety and comfort.

How to Book a Trip

  • Use the "Contact Us" button to e-mail request.
  • By Telephone, call:

 (757) 787-7978 or 710-3177

A $200.00 Deposit is required to reserve a date.  Capt. reserves the right to cancel a trip due to inclement weather.  In that event, deposits will be refunded.  15 days advance notice from the charter date is required for all other refunds.


Charter Trips & Fees 2020

  • Offshore Trolling: Marlin, Tuna, Wahoo, Dolphin - $1,300.00
  • Inshore (Full Day): Flounder - $600.00
  • Inshore -Channel (1/2 Day): Trout, Croaker, Flounder - $400.00
  • Inshore: Fall Rockfish - $650.00